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Certified Viking Appliances at Discount Prices

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Luxury Appliance Outlet is an outlet for premium Viking and other high-end brand appliances. We want to be sure you have the kitchen of your dreams with a reality pricetag.

Luxury Appliance Outlet was created when our parent company, LV Distributes gave up its Viking distributorship to Viking in order for Viking to go direct to dealers in the marketplace. In that change, Luxury Appliance Outlet partnered with Viking Range, LLC to be the official clearance outlet for Viking appliances that had been on display, serviced or were new in a box, but not current models. Luxury Appliance Outlet is well versed in the products as we have been dealing directly with Viking for 9+ years. We are excited about the opportunity to sell Viking clearance products across the country at extraordinary values!

Most of our Viking Appliances come with a Full Factory Warranty. Others come with a 1 Year Viking Appliance Outlet Warranty. Finally, we offer some close-out type models with No Warranty, As-Is, No Returns policy. Each appliance is clearly marked. Buy with confidence within your comfort zone.

We offer a variety of Viking appliances including:

Brand New in Box: Discontinued models in unopened Factory Sealed cartons.

Display Models: Never been used models from retail floor displays not in their original cartons.

Certified Reconditioned: Very shortly pre-owned models reconditioned by our Viking Factory Authorized Technicians.

No Warranty, As-Is, No Returns: Our biggest bargains ever! We may not be able to offer you a warranty, but we will make these models VERY price attractive!

We offer FREE DELIVERY in any Chicagoland home within a 50 mile radius of Bensenville, IL when you hire us to also do the installation.

MYTH: A cardboard box brand new from the manufacturer is worth hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.
REALITY: A few of our Viking appliances may not have their original box, but we don't think you want to pay that much for one!

MYTH: If I don't buy a Viking appliance brand new from a retailer, I won't get a warranty.
REALITY: Most of our Viking appliances come with a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY (in most cases 3 years!). If you want to pay even less, some come with a 1 year warranty. And if you really want to save some cash, you can buy our "As-Is" models - no warranty, but big enough savings to easily clear a service call if necessary.

MYTH: I won't be able to find someone to service a Luxury Appliance Outlet appliance.
REALITY: We have a nation-wide network of Viking Authorized Servicers who are ready and willing to help when/if necessary.