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Luxury Appliances at Discount Prices

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Luxury Appliance Outlet is an outlet for premium Viking and other high-end brand appliances. We want to be sure you have the kitchen of your dreams with a reality pricetag.

Most of our Appliances come with a Full Factory Warranty. Others come with a 1 Year Viking Appliance Outlet Warranty. Finally, we offer some close-out type models with No Warranty, As-Is, No Returns policy. Each appliance is clearly marked. Buy with confidence within your comfort zone.

We offer a variety of Viking appliances including:

Brand New in Box: Discontinued models in unopened Factory Sealed cartons.

Display Models: Never been used models from retail floor displays not in their original cartons.

Factory Reconditioned: Very shortly pre-owned models reconditioned by the manufacturer.

Certified Reconditioned: Very shortly pre-owned models reconditioned by our Viking Factory Authorized Technicians.

No Warranty, As-Is, No Returns: Our biggest bargains ever! We may not be able to offer you a warranty, but we will make these models VERY price attractive!

We offer FREE DELIVERY in any Chicagoland home within a 50 mile radius of Bensenville, IL when you hire us to also do the installation.

MYTH: A cardboard box brand new from the manufacturer is worth hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.
REALITY: A few of our Viking appliances may not have their original box, but we don't think you want to pay that much for one!

MYTH: If I don't buy a Viking appliance brand new from a retailer, I won't get a warranty.
REALITY: Most of our Viking appliances come with a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY (in most cases 3 years!). If you want to pay even less, some come with a 1 year warranty. And if you really want to save some cash, you can buy our "As-Is" models - no warranty, but big enough savings to easily clear a service call if necessary.

MYTH: I won't be able to find someone to service a Luxury Appliance Outlet appliance.
REALITY: We have a nation-wide network of Viking Authorized Servicers who are ready and willing to help when/if necessary.